Wanna be heard

I want to be heard! for the first time in my life, I guess.

Human nature is really odd – and truly interesting!

Do people change? Of course that they do… They can change completely if they want to, and that’s what they do sometimes. There are many things out there to help, just to name a few – in physical sense – piercing, tattoos, clothes, make-up, a new haircut… Strong emotions are excellent triggers not only for mental transformation, but also for a visible metamorphose: they can make you change your look or your life entirely, make you break out and drop your limits (quite often self-implied) and by what means? Hate, love, fear, incertainty…

When I was young, I was extremely shy – it was a nightmare sometimes. The words that simply weren’t coming out of my mouth, the paralyzing fright when doing something in public (and by „public” I mean even 5 people), the feeling of doing something wrong that often hit me with no reasons. It’s difficult to live this way when you’re a teenager, especially when you’re a rebel. 😉

But this made me stronger. Made me want to change and achieve my goals. Made me think that I have to deal with my problems and my life on my own. After a while I understood that this is not the best way to live, since people are there to be „used”. 😉 Your friends are not only observers… 🙂

I always wanted to be anonymous, so I was glad when the chance occur to change my surname from quite a unique one to a popular one (TA-DAM!). I never wanted to be found on the internet, so I used different nicknames, never my surname, not even my name! I guess that I always thought it’s invading my privacy (and who’d be looking for me anyway…?). Or at least this is what I told myself. 😉 The real reason probably was lack of self-confidence, though.

And so, here I am now – trying to be heard, babbling about life. 😉 I have the urge to speak, and to be heard. And I don’t care if I’m talking crap, because this is what I need. And life is about doing what you like and what makes you feel good, at this very moment. 🙂 So…


My name is Monika and I’m a shopaholic…

and a workaholic with addiction to travelling, music, photography and people...


I’m an introvert with a tendency to speak my mind freely, with an interest in the unusual and bizarre.

And I’m proud to be myself! 😉



*photo by Inez Bezczelna 😉

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